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Searching for Spine Surgery in Atlanta? Look to AICA Laser Spine, the region’s leader in minimally invasive spine surgery techniques. With locations all over Georgia and a No Cost MRI Review. We make getting help affordable and convenient.

We always prefer to take a more conservative approach when treating spine conditions, reviewing the different strategies that are available to help you manage or eliminate your pain as simply as possible. But there are situations that may warrant a more intense treatment.

We’re proud to be able to offer Laser Spine Surgery here at AICA, with some of the leading, highly regarded board certified surgeons that Atlanta has to offer. Our specialty is minimally invasive laser spine surgery, which is less invasive, has a faster surgery and healing time, and decreases the risk of scarring, infection, and other complications.

spine surgery in atlanta

What is Laser Spine Surgery?

Laser spine surgery is a new approach to an old problem: how to treat back, leg, and neck pain in a way that is safe, effective, and appealing to those that have tried conservative treatment but have not been able to find relief. Here at AICA Laser Spine, we are proud to be able to offer advanced minimally invasive laser spine surgery in Atlanta, GA so that our patients can find the treatment that they need.

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Laser Spine Surgery vs. Traditional Orthopedic Surgery

When a patient struggles with chronic orthopedic pain in the back, neck, or legs, surgery is often recommended as a curative treatment. While there are many non-invasive treatments available (that require no surgical cuts), surgery may be recommended as a last resort to try to eliminate the cause of the pain completely.

But traditional open back surgery comes with risks.

It requires a large incision and an open wound. That opening can lead to:

  • Longer procedure and longer healing time
  • Excessive blood loss and higher risk of infection
  • Scarring with a greater chance of re-opening the wound.
  • More difficult procedure for the surgeon

There are situations where this type of surgery is absolutely necessary, but it does come with risk of complications. Those complications often dissuade patients from considering the procedure.

How Laser Spine Surgery Works

Laser spine surgery uses either a laser or a very fine instrument to create a much smaller incision. Then the surgeon uses an endoscope (small tube with camera) and micro or sometimes nano instruments to perform the necessary procedure, without requiring a large opening for access.

Doctors trained to perform this type of minimally invasive surgery use their talents to navigate to the problem area and remove bone, shrink discs, or clear out tissues effecting nerves all without any sizeable cuts inside or outside of the body.

At the end of the operation, most patients require minimal bed rest, recover faster, and are less prone to complications. AICA Laser spine surgery is a highly effective alternative to traditional orthopedic surgery, and a useful choice for those that struggle with chronic spine pain.

To learn more about our spine surgery options, please visit our spine surgery procedures page.

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