Searching for Pain Management Near Me?

Those searching for pain management near me can look to AICA Laser Spine.  Not only that, AICA is well known in the Atlanta metro area for being a one-stop-shop for everyone seeking back and neck pain relief. From chiropractic care to pain management to minimally invasive laser spine surgery, AICA has your back! With 12 convenient locations in the Atlanta area, pain relief is a convenient phone call away.pain management near me

While more conservative approaches are always considered first, if your injury is more severe, another option is pain management. We can provide you with medications, injections, and other forms of medical intervention to reduce or eliminate pain as best we can without requiring any further steps.

Pain management can be partnered with physical therapy and chiropractic care, or it can be pursued independently if there is reason to believe the pain will heal on its own. Our doctors only use medications and other medical treatments if they firmly believe it will reduce your pain and will monitor you throughout your treatment to ensure that it is working effectively.

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