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If you are searching for “Diagnostic MRI Imaging Near Me” look no further. Diagnostic imaging plays a critical role in the diagnosis and analysis of spine related pain and injury. In order to thoroughly understand the cause of the pain and the treatment required to reduce it, imaging is needed for doctors to locate the exact issues that contribute to symptoms. When patients search for Diagnostic Imaging Near Me, whether it be for XRAYS, MRI, CTScans or something else, they have many options. But patients choose AICA Laser Spine due to convenient Imaging center locations all over Atlanta, and because we are a one stop shop for treating back and neck conditions.

We provide several diagnostic imaging services used by both our own in-house orthopedic and surgical team, as well as other offices around metro Atlanta. These imaging services include:Diagnostic MRI Imaging Near Me

  • CT Scans – CT scans are frequently used for diagnosing visible skeletal injuries. CT scans can help doctors find small breaks and fractures in the bone and receive a 3D view of the injury.
  • MRIs – MRIs provide a detailed image of the musculoskeletal system, and is one of the best medical devices for obtaining detailed images of the spine’s discs, tissues, and other details that are harder to pick up with CT scans.
  • X-rays – X-rays may not provide the level of detail that CT scans and MRIs provide, but it is a fast and easy imaging option that is low cost and useful for assessing more visually significant injuries, such as broken bones.
  • Fluoroscopy – Fluoroscopy is a type of imaging that is used in conjunction with a treatment. A special type of X-ray is used to see the body live on screen, thus allowing the doctor to perform minimally invasive injections or treatments and see the areas they are accessing in better detail.

These images can help accurately diagnose the cause of the pain and lead to better treatment choices in order to manage and eliminate it.

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