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One of the most common surgical strategies in orthopedics is a spinal fusion. It is an effective treatment technique for conditions that include spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease (DDD), scoliosis, and many others. At AICA Laser Spine, we are able to perform minimally invasive spinal fusions in our Atlanta, GA location, which allows us to treat chronic pain with fewer cuts and complications.

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What Are Minimally Invasive Fusions?

With the traditional spinal fusion technique, an orthopedic surgeon makes a large incision on either the front, back or side of the body. They spread apart the skin,  cut muscle, and tissue, and then adding a bone graft which fuses the spine together and turns two vertebrae into a single vertebra.

Spinal fusions ensure that the spine cannot bend and twist, thus reducing pressure on the discs and nerves and eliminating or reducing pain.

Minimally invasive spinal fusion provides the same benefits as a traditional spinal fusion. But instead of creating a large incision, the surgeon uses a very small incision and performs the procedure using micro, tube-like tools. The incision is so small that it can often be sealed with only a small patch and heals within days, not weeks. There is less risk of infection, less risk of complications, and a faster recovery time, all with the same surgical benefits. AICA Laser Spine patients are typically up and walking around within a few hours after surgery*.

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AICA Laser Spine is Atlanta’s leader in minimally invasive fusion techniques, offering all of the latest innovations, strategies and technology, including:

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AICA Laser Spine’s surgical center is located in Buckhead and has several conveniently located consultation offices in areas like Atlanta, Buckhead, Jonesboro, Marietta, or Tucker. We also have 12 chiropractic offices located throughout the metro Atlanta area. We’re here to make sure that your pain receives the best possible treatment and in the most convenient way. For more information, or to get started, contact our team today.

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With our board certified experts specialized in minimally invasive spine surgery, we are able to treat a variety of different common age and injury related orthopedic conditions. Below are some treatment techniques we use.


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Minimally Invasive Fusions Atlanta

With our board certified experts specialized in minimally invasive spine surgery, we are able to treat a variety of different common age and injury related orthopedic conditions and if a fusion is needed rest assured, minimally invasive fusions are an option. Below are some of the conditions that respond best to these types of spine surgeries and laser spine treatments.

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