Laser Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

There is a canal in between the bones of the spine that surround the spinal cord. For many patients who come to us from Atlanta and surrounding areas, that spinal canal starts to narrow. The cause of this narrowing is usually aging but may be related to arthritis, injury, and overuse.

As the spinal canal narrows, there is less protection in between the rest of the spine, the spinal nerve roots and the spinal cord. This puts pressure on the nerves and leads to many common symptoms including:

  • Pain or discomfort upon standing.
  • Persistent pain in the neck and back that may radiate to the legs and shoulders.
  • Weakness in the muscles of the extremities, leading to problems with grip or walking and in severe cases, muscle atrophy.

The exact symptoms depend on the location of the spinal stenosis, which may occur in the lumbar spine (lower spine), cervical spine (neck), and less commonly in the thoracic spine (mid-back).

At AICA Laser Spine, our spinal treatments focus on disc decompression, removal of bone spurs (if applicable), and laminotomies, among other options. Each of these minimally invasive treatments is effective for relieving spinal stenosis without requiring any open back surgery type wounds.


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With our board certified experts specialized in minimally invasive spine surgery, we are able to treat a variety of different common age and injury related orthopedic conditions. Below are some treatment techniques we use.


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