Laser Surgery for Pinched Nerves

Some pinched nerves are temporary, occurring when you sleep in a weird position or tweak your body playing a sport or possibly caused by a muscle spasm. But for some, a pinched nerve can be a chronic problem, where the nerve compression is caused by the body in a way that is permanent without treatment.

Also known as radiculopathy, the pain from a pinched nerve may be localized in the area of the “pinch,” or it may radiate and cause symptoms that extend to the legs, arms, shoulders, and more. It is also possible for these areas to experience muscle weakness and trouble with grip or gait.

Pinched nerves in and back or neck caused by herniated discs, nerve root injuries, and foraminal stenosis are likely to require some type of medical intervention.

Minimally invasive laser surgery for pinched nerves in our Atlanta, GA facility focuses first on diagnosing the underlying problem. Once we are able to determine why the pinched nerve occurs, the surgery – which requires minimal incisions and a fast recovery time – will move or remove the spinal issues that are pressing into the nerve and reduce or eliminate the chronic pain.


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