Laser Surgery for Herniated and Bulging Discs

Herniated (bulging) discs are discs in the spine that have been pushed out of place or ruptured, often against muscles, tissues, or nerves. They may occur while aging but are also very common after injury (such as car accidents), or even dehydration. In some cases the sidewall of the disc becomes weak and a bulge or herniation occurs which may press against a nerve root causing debilitating pain in the surrounding area or outward in the limbs.

The symptoms of herniated discs can vary wildly. Depending on where the discs press on the nerves or tissues, it may cause shooting pain, dull pain, pain that radiates down the legs or arms, burning pain or sensation, tingling, muscle weakness, trouble moving, and in rare cases incontinence. The number of different symptoms is directly related to the amount of pressure the disc placed on the nerves, and where the injury occurs.

Although mild herniated and bulging discs may find their way back into position on their own, more severe or chronic disc herniation does require a treatment. Laser spine surgery here at AICA can help treat lumbar and cervical disc herniation.


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