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AICA Laser Spine represents a team of only the most highly skilled spine specialists that work with you from diagnosis to recovery. Our Atlanta Laser Spine facility is one of the only places that has both CT scans and MRI machines in-house, which allow our doctors to provide you with a faster and more accurate diagnosis in less time and less travel around our busy highways. AICA is also the only private practice in the Atlanta region to provide our patients with all three spine specialties; orthopedics, neurosurgery and physiatry. Having all three spine specialties in the same practice combined with physical therapy, chiropractic care, pain management and imaging makes AICA Laser Spine the place to go for all your spine related problems. Finally, minimally invasive spine surgery in Atlanta!

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Our medical team always looks for an effective approach to treating chronic pain in the legs, lower back, upper back, shoulders, and neck. There are several treatment options that help patients manage pain guided by innovative minimally invasive spine and laser treatment procedures.

AICA spine surgeons specialize in minimally invasive spine surgery and laser spine treatments, which allows us to perform procedures with minimal scarring and blood loss to reduce or eliminate pain.

Less than 1" incision

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No need to waste time traveling around town for tests. With our in house diagnostics team, you’ll get better results faster.


Our in house rehabilitation will often keep you from needing surgery.  For those who do need surgery, you’ll get better… faster.  As the only mutli-speciality orthopedic practice in Atlanta, we take pride in the fact that less than 10% of our patients have to undergo invasive surgery.


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Atlanta’s Only Multi-Specialty Laser Spine Surgery Center

Patients come to AICA Laser Spine because we have a team of specialized physicians who treat patients individually and based on their specific needs. Some patients who visit our facility are successfully treated using conservative methods, while others need a minimally invasive or laser spine procedure. Rest assured that the board certified physicians at AICA Laser Spine will work with you to find the right treatment for your back or neck condition.

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Diagnostic imaging plays a critical role in the diagnosis and analysis of spine related pain and injury. In order to thoroughly understand the cause of the pain and the treatment required to reduce it, imaging is needed for doctors to locate the exact issues that contribute to symptoms.


When possible, AICA Laser Spine will recommend physical therapy. Physical therapy has long been an effective way to treat pain without any medications, surgery, or other riskier medical interventions. Under the supervision of a trained physical therapist, you will engage in gentle exercises that will strengthen your body without injuring your spine.


Chiropractics is a field of medicine that uses spinal manipulation (among other treatments) to straighten, extend, and heal spinal related injuries. The techniques vary depending on the location of the pain.


If your injury is more severe, another option is pain management. We can provide you with medications, injections, and other forms of medical intervention to reduce or eliminate pain as best we can without requiring any further steps.


We always prefer to take a more conservative approach when treating spine conditions, reviewing the different strategies that are available to help you manage or eliminate your pain as simply as possible. But there are situations that may warrant a more intense treatment.

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